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We are beautiful, strong, and authentic. FCH Dommes is a group of attractive, naturally dominant, and fully professional Dominatrixes who will bring you to your knees. Commanding, enticing, and masterful in the art of female dominance and safe BDSM practice.

In the ambiance of the designer interior of the biggest and most professional BDSM studio in Poland – Fetish Chateau, you can experience the electrifying Femdom in a glamour version with a healthy dose of sweet pain and sophisticated humiliation.

Come to us and let us show you the power of authentic feminity. Fell the charm of dangerous Femme Fatales on your body. Let us lead you on a metal leash attached to a top-quality leather collar. Close your eyes, inhale the smell of our luxurious perfume, and let us take control.

The sound of stilettos on the hard floor, the feeling of a rope tightening around your wrist. Your heart beating faster and faster in excitement. The smell of leather and latex, our red nails tapping on the table. You’re intimidated. You can feel our arrogance, our overwhelming feminity, and the severity in our voice.

Should you be excited or scared? Will you experience pain, excitement, humiliation, or pleasure?

Visit Fetish Chateau and find out.

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Frequently asked questions

Each Dominatrix has her own price list, so the cost may vary depending on the chosen Mistress. In order to find out the exact cost of the meeting, please contact the Dominatrix directly.

In order to make an appointment, please contact the chosen Dominatrix directly or book a session online using her calendar.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Each Dominatrix advertised on the website has an unnegotiable requirement of receiving the deposit before the meeting. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the chosen Lady.

Each Mistress has a different range of possible practices. In order to find out the exact list of preferences and boundaries of a given Lady, please click on her profile on this website and scroll down.

Before each meeting, the submissive is interviewed by the Dominatrix over the phone or by email. She will ask extensive questions about the submissive’s preferred practices, boundaries, and health as well as other things she should be informed about. The rules and arrangements you make will be respected during the meeting.

None of the Mistresses advertised on the website have anything against inexperienced clients.

We take great care to guarantee full discretion to our clients. There are no security cameras in Fetish Chateau and none of the meetings is recorded, unless the client wishes otherwise.

Yes, the whole studio is at the exclusive disposal of the Dominatrix and her submissive. No third parties are present during the meeting.

Each Mistress has a different requirement. In order to find out how far in advance you have to make an appointment, please click on your chosen Mistress’s profile on this website and scroll down.

Yes, Fetish Chateau and each of our Mistresses guarantee full discretion.

Cleaning the toys is a three-step process. First, we clean them mechanically. Afterward, we disinfect them with a dedicated disinfecting solution and lastly ozonate them thoroughly. Ozone is one of the most effective sterilants, as it shows bactericidal tendencies at the concentration level of about 13 µg / dcm³. Its sterilizing power is 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine’s. It is also used now to ensure our clients’ safety during the COVID pandemic. The device’s operating time is about 45 minutes and the studio gets fully disinfected after each rental, even the shortest one.

Join us!

Are you confident? Do you have a commercial beauty type? Can you wrap men around your finger with just one look and keep them on a short leash?

Or maybe you would like to try yourself in this role because you can feel you have the potential?

Our team of elite Dominatrixes is constantly expanding and it may be you who will get the chance to join us!

Send us an email to contact@fchdommes.pl with a few of your pictures, your description of yourself, and your experience with Femdom, if you have any.


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